Our introduction

A message of welcome to our website (2009-06-04 update)

Welcome to the website of the Ideal Research group. This website presents, our group, our researches, and our discoveries.

The goal of our group, is to start, and accelerate, the research, the discovery, the presentation, and the application, of the ideal, on Earth. It is about, globally, thinking, reasoning, analyzing, every prejudices, taboos, and problems, to solve them, rapidly, completely, and definitively.

We hope you will understand, progressively, all the positive dynamism of our approach, and our will to solve all the problems, neutrally, that is to say, by reason. We hope you will remark, the global novelty, of the ideas we present, and, the fact, and the form, of their presentation, and how they enable the unlocking, both globally, and in details, of the current situation of the human society, and of each one, for the liberation of all, by reflection, by reason, and by analysis, by globalization, by balance, and by simplification.

We are only interested to reason, and as such, we are not searching, in any way, to present, “yet other, new, theories, opinions, or views”, on the subjects we are addressing. The matter is for us to participate actively, to, the global, and quite complete, research of the absolute truth, and it is fundamental to comprehend our productions in this way. If, in spite, of our reflections, of our reasonings, and of our analyses, an error of reason, even significant, was still discovered, it would only be a matter of correcting it shortly, by more reflection, by more reasoning, and by more analysis, to reinforce, always more, our general and precise vision of the ideal, and thus, our productions, which will be, obviously, available, for free, and freely, on our website, and as cheaply as possible, in ‘physical’ form (paper books, notably), to enable the maximal diffusion of the ideal, rapidly, and to start and accelerate the transition to the idealistic society, at the global level, for all.

Therefore, and finally, we hope to get the help we need to go on, and that each one, progressively, will participate to the transition to the idealistic society, however he wants, and however he can, as it is, obviously, not just only our project, but indeed, the project of all, and of each one.

Our current status (2010-09-16 update)

We published a new article, on the main prejudices and taboos of the current society.

Besides our search for funding, and our our search for new members, we are now preparing a few new articles, for the coming months. We will notably soon publish an article on the diverse aspects of the ideal.

The reuse of the content of this website

The totality, of this website, and of its content, is, obviously, usable, distributable, modifiable, and redistributable, at complete liberty, by all.